Dream Planning offer sustainable, practical and innovative Architectural Design solutions creating affordable and responsive architecture through inspiring, attractive contemporary design that is well considered to ensure our clients hopes and aspirations become reality.

Our holistic design practice focuses on a wide range of residential and commercial projects with tailored construction budgets, each with a unique architectural style ranging from the simplistic through to grand designs.

A well-developed understanding of spatial design characteristics and philosophies drives a comprehensive design process that explores all aspects of the client brief, the building site and surrounding environment so as to adopt and procure all of the client’s ideas and requirements for how they wish to live / work / play within the envisioned building development.

This process allows us to create design experiences that contribute to a better quality of life through well refined design solutions that connect the ‘functional requirements’ and ‘aesthetic outcomes’ of the building form with the environment it is to be a part of. We offer experienced advice on how to best develop the configuration of a building for improved flow and ease of use along with maximising orientation to sun light, ventilation and views along with other important environmental factors that will influence the project.

Throughout the design process we listen to and interact with the client, builder and others contractors involved in the project so as to ensure what is designed can be practically and cost effectively constructed within a given budget and easily maintained over the long-term.

This innovative but simple design process package will ensure our client’s desired design outcomes are accounted for and increase the appeal of your building project, thus adding long-term value to your investment.
Feel free to connect with us and further discuss how we progress through our comprehensive design process be it for any of the following design / construction projects.
  • New rural / residential / coastal homes – be it simplistic or grand designs we will create a home with a point of difference that focuses on achieving a design layout that meets all your living environment requirements
  • ECO sustainable building for those wanting a point of difference that compliments the earths ever changing environment
  • Holiday houses – designed to suit your holiday requirements specific to location
  • Alterations & extensions to existing homes to provide a modern / contemporary burst of life to an aging structure
  • Functional spatial design layouts for the kitchen, lounge, bathroom, etc
  • Practical storage / accessory building design for garages, boat sheds, sleepouts, etc
  • Landscape buildings such as pergolas, exterior decks, patios and paving, retaining walls, fences, etc
  • Light commercial and industrial buildings
  • Innovative building / landscape designs for the disabled to make life easy