Black Swamp Road Subdivision

LOCATION I Black Swamp Road        
PROJECT TEAM l Kylie Mclaughlin-Brown, Jackson Worsfold, Frank Stanton, Emma Jepson

The proposal involved obtaining subdivision consent to subdivide an area of 8.2836 ha, comprising of two existing titles, to create a total of four rural residential lots at Black Swamp Road, Mangawhai.  The development was aligned with the ‘environmental benefit’ subdivision provision under the Kaipara Operative District Plan. Approximately 2.6128 ha of indigenous re-vegetation and enhancement landscape planting was proposed as part of the subdivision development. This includes infill and enhancement of the existing and degraded natural drainage pattern and wetland features (2.0 ha), along with amenity protection and enhancement planting (6128m²). Building sites were positioned in unobtrusive locations taking into consideration the sites natural patterns and features, prevailing wind patterns, while ensuring adequate sunlight and the provision of suitable open space for each site.
Overall, the design sought to assist with privacy and amenity protection, provide for ecological enhancement and the creation of an attractive landscape and living environment, utilising the environmental benefit rule of the District Plan. 
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