Recognising the diverse range of landscape values and characteristics our team utilise its broad range of expertise and skills to create attractive developments which are sensitive to the inherent values of the particular landscape, whilst enhancing and restoring critical and degraded landscape elements. 

Positive environmental outcomes are integrated into all our projects. We work with the Resource Management Act, the site context and project goals, to achieve responsible, well-researched landscape outcomes.

Our landscape design services include:

  • Site Analysis 
  • Landscape Management Plans
  • Pest Management Plans
  • Landscape Plans for large scale rural development to small lot amenity enhancement
  • Assessment of land use options;
  • Concept design
  • Community consultation and participation 
  • Preparation of comprehensive design proposals, including detailed design of private and public open spaces, pedestrian areas, streetscapes and town centre revitalisation; 
  • Landscape Rehabilitation and Enhancement for degraded landscapes 
  • Low impact design development for managing soil and water to protect and enhance natural resources. 
  • Contract documentation 
  • Peer review
Landscape Planning and Assessment

Dream Planning’s landscape planners are experienced in the landscape and visual assessment area. Projects typically involve landscape at the larger scale, such as infrastructure development or land development.

Landscape planning services include:

  • Assessment of landscape and visual effects of proposed development projects for consent applications under the Resource Management Act, including advice on mitigation of potential effects.